Salient Features

SKM is a privileged company possessing Cutting -Edge -Technology, in Precision Machining, to serve Aerospace, Space -Satellites, Nuclear Energy, Missiles, Armaments, NFC, ASL, RU, LPSC, VSSC, DRDO, ALL- UAL, ISRO, BDL, GTRE, RFI, OFIs and related Defence Sectors.

SKM has received recognition from its customers who have qualified SKM as their PILLAR -SUPPORT COMPANY and not just a vendor. SKM has achieved this on its own merit on Technology, Commitment, Challenge and Performance to pace -with Customer -Projects at National -International -Levels.

SKM has stepped -up from delivery of -Components to Modules to Sub -Assembly to Assembly Levels -to its customers. Now SKM is ready to take leap in delivery of Sub -Systems, Systems and Integrated -Ready -To -Launch Equipments to its customers. To reach this level of production, delivery and up -gradation of facilities-SKM is looking for Financial -Participation -Associates.

SKM is the only Company having Spectrum of Diversified Customers. Normally, the other players service one -two -segmental -customers only.

The Following achievements have placed SKM at a Prestigious platform

SKM is the 1st company, in the State of Andhra Pradesh to receive AS9100 Certification in the year 2007 (Presently AS 9100 C)

SKM, from its inception, has always focussed on Specialised -Technically Critical -Challenged - Complex -Components & Assemblies where the Entry -Bafflers are High and the Qualified - Competitors are THE FEW.

SKM is having latest-Inspection-Facility-CMM of Carl Zeiss with high -accuracy of 0.0007mm. No other private industry could afford such fadlity because the Inveslment costs are yew high.

SKM is having the largest & latest collection of High -End -Inspection -Gauges, Measuring - Tools and Inspection -Equipments to meet the stringent -quality -requirements & provides High -Degree -QA -QC -Services.

SKM is having, intemationally-repute-sthte-of-the-art, VMC-CNC Machines with 3,4 & 5 Axis with length upto 2.5 meters and CNCTuming Machines upto 800 Dia.

SKM has developed Automatic-TIG-Welding & Automatic -Helium -Welding Machines which have been duly qualified and approved by NFC and NPCIL.

SKM has been audited by Intemational Customers like Pratt and Whitney, Turbomeca, Air Bus, GE, Eaton Aerospace, Moog Controls, Magellan Aerospace, PCI (France) etc.

SKM is one of the 6 companies which were technically qualified, by NFC-NPCIL, to take-up manufacturing of Components &Assemblies for Nuclear Projects.

SKM is one of the 6 companies which were technically qualified, by HAL, to take-up manufacturing of Aerospace Component & Assemblies for Aircrafts and Helicopters Projects.

SKM is promoted by a veteran Technocrat Mr. B.Krishna Rao in 1986, who gathered rich- technical -experience of 18 years at Praga Tools.

SKM, a technical & quality driven company, is having a highly qualified and dedicated professional team whose passion is to lake -up complex & challenging assignments to create a niche -place -on -technology -front.

SKM has 10000 Class -Assembly -Clean -Room equipped with Balancing Facility.

SKM has well -equipped -in house-training centre which can accommodate a batch of 25 Trainees. SKM has developed its own User Friendly -Technology Oriented -Training Modules.